yHas your performance in the bedroom become a question in your head? Have you experienced a decrease in stamina, the inability to get or maintain an erection, or even difficulty becoming aroused? If so, you may be showing signs of erectile dysfunction.

We offer several safe and effective treatments for ED without the use of medications that have lingering side effects.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment options include:

  • Tri-Mix or Quad-Mix
  • P-Shot 
  • Cialis and Viagra

If you are looking to increase your performance with your partner and gain your confidence back, one of our ED treatments can be your answer. Keep reading to learn more.



ED, is the inability to maintain or get an erection. This, in turn, makes it difficult to have sexual intercourse and can cause relationship stress and low self-confidence.

As we age, our blood vessels can become damaged or clogged with micro plaques or calcifications. This, in turn, interferes with blood flow to the penis. As less blood is able to enter the penis upon arousal, the less likely an erection is to occur. This results in erectile dysfunction.


  • Difficulty to keep an erection firm for intercourse
  • Inability to get an erection
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Increased anxiety
  • Low Testosterone Symptoms

ED is easy to detect and is usually self-diagnosable. It is important to understand that the penis is like a fortune-teller for the whole body. If you experience poor blood flow at the penis, it’s most likely occurring throughout the rest of your body.

Therefore, we recommend you speak with us before you start any ED treatments, especially over-the-counter options that can actually make things worse.


Are you experiencing ED symptoms? You’re not alone. ED is extremely common and can affect men of all ages. However, the dysfunction typically occurs as men enter their 50s.

In fact, an estimated 52% of males have experienced ED. It is most commonly seen in their 50’s.  So, what causes ED and why does it become worse as we age?


Simply put, ed is caused by a decrease in blood flow to the penis. As we get older, our blood flow naturally declines and makes it more difficult to get and keep an erection.

Furthermore, plaque build-up can also form along the blood vessels and limit blood flow to the penis. Plaque, a substance made up of fat, cholesterol, and calcium. When the blood pathways to the penis are blocked by plaque, it can lead to ED.

Several other physical, psychological, environmental, and genetic factors can cause or worse ED symptoms. These include:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • High-stress levels
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Prescription medications for the treatment of blood pressure, antidepressants, and even cholesterol


Common symptoms of hormonal imbalances in men include low libido, reduced sex drive, and ED. With that being said, hormones like testosterone affect our ability to have an erection.

Just think about it: in our teen years and early 20s, testosterone levels are at their highest level and, consequently, it is easier to have and maintain an erection. This is because testosterone is linked to the male sexual response. In fact, this hormone is responsible for creating sex drive and the desire to have intercourse. However, as we age, testosterone levels tend to drop off, just like our blood flow.

Reduced testosterone levels, known as low T,  can cause a huge hormonal imbalance and offset our whole body. This results in erectile dysfunction and other symptoms like fatigue and lack of energy. Part of our success for ED treatment is optimizing the testosterone levels you once had in your 20’s.


Unfortunately, many chronic and hidden medical conditions can also cause ED. These include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Obesity
  • Past injuries to the pelvic region

At Prosper Direct Health, we conduct an entire examination of your body, including weight, vitals, and blood work panel, to see if any underlying medical conditions are causing your ED symptoms.


When left untreated, ED can remain permanent. Here’s the good news: since the dysfunction is so common among men, several reputable treatments have been created to help alleviate ED symptoms.


Anyone who wants to regain confidence in the bedroom and achieve an erection is a great candidate for our ED treatments. If you are looking for:

1. The ability to get and maintain an erection

2. Restore blood flow to where it matters most

3. A professional to get to the real root of your ED problem

… then you are a perfect fit for any of our erectile dysfunction treatments.


    As you may know, several factors influence the success of patients with ED symptoms. Because of this, we have developed a protocol to give you maximum treatment results and restore you to your younger performance.

    We use a 5R protocol:

    1. REVEAL

    We look at the entire medical picture to identify the root cause of illness using our functional medicine approach.

    2. RESTORE

    Restore any hormones. Testosterone levels that naturally decline with age are addressed with hormone therapy. Peptide therapy can also be introduced at this stage to enhance overall wellness and circulation, which in turn improves ED


    Injections can be administered in the patient locally to regenerate blood vessel function.

    4. REDUCE

    An anti-inflammatory diet reduces the impact thatour lifestyles, environment, and age have on ourbodies.

    5. ROUTINE

    Maintaining consistency with supplementation, therapies,and a healthy lifestyle will eliminate the chances of ED symptoms returning.


    We have one goal in mind: to empower patients to reach peak performance and achieve a better quality of life. This includes confidence in the bedroom!

    When it comes to hormone therapy and ED treatments, our scientifically-backed methods are safe, effective, and ensure you receive the best results possible. It’s time to kick ED to the curb and take control of your life!


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